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DIY 3D photography… coming up a bit short.

June 15, 2011 2 comments


An ongoing project is currently driving my crazy all because I’m missing one piece to make it work.

The idea is to provide a cheap and acceptable way to do 3D photograph construction and viewing with a single picture.

The idea is as follows:

1. Obtain a large mirror finish ball or hemisphere.

2. Place it on the ground.

3. Take a picture from directly above zooming in to fill the the view of the camera but not cropping the sphere.

4. Crop the image to a square keeping the sphere in the center.

5. Use custom image software that reconstructs the sphere from a polar image to a rectangular one – giving a full 360 degrees of view along the horizon with some acceptable distortion at the top of the image. This will not be as good as the effect constructed from 6 pictures but should give a complete 360 degree panorama from a single shot.

My problem is that I cannot find a cheap solution for a mirrored sphere or hemisphere between 8-18 inches. Currently I’m not working so a 20 dollar or less solution would be best.


Hello, welcome to my corner of the web!

I am now working on getting some of my old games and projects uploaded. Many times people have asked me if I had a showcase for my work – now I do! Hopefully this site will start to gather interest and I can start really showing my angle on video games and how I express myself through their creation.

If you are interested in the following areas stick around as I build this site.

* Games that are truly reminiscent of the “Golden Era of Gaming”

* Games that are simple to learn but complex to master.

* The hobbyists out there doing what they love against a sterile industry.

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