Who is Ryan Burnside? (aka Pixel_Outlaw)

I was born in Montana in 198 … oh wait. Nobody cares.

Now for the good stuff!

I love programming. I’m currently working on OpenGL paired with C++. I think that everyone should learning at least one programming language. The world is too full of people who just timidly use computers without really understanding what is going on “under the hood”. This was never good enough for me. I wanted to control the most complex device man has ever designed.

This is obviously done through programming. For better or worse my early game making career got off on a bad foot. I started using tools to make games rather than learning a proper programming language. Don’t do this kids, plunge right into code! The last few years I’ve been studying C++ casually and I’ve moved away from Blitzmax. Don’t get me wrong Blitzmax is a wonderful tool but the time came to just focus on C++. This is where I am now. I’m down with OOP (yeah you know me).

Here is a picture of me from a year or two ago. There is actually a human behind those sunglasses.

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