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Tanks now implemented.

In the spirit of being traditional I have hand coded these tanks into my game point by point.

I’ve eliminated the grid to show them off a bit better. Currently I’m fighting visibility vs detail. The ground grid has a nice effect but around the horizon it really starts to block things in the distance. Anyway here is the tank that has been coded into the game. I have no idea how to do the collisions from scratch so I will probably have to implement a solution like Box2D. I feel pretty bad about not having the math skills to code complex polygon collisions. I really envy people who have had a chance to really understand the complex math. Understanding  breeds more understanding. Often a simply hurdle will prevent us from reaching full potential. If you look at what you have learned as an unfolding tree each unblocked branch leads to further branches and further learning.

Ahem, I’ll now just shut up and show the picture. The first person view from the turret is a bit ugly I admit, but it is technically correct.

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