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Time to start a new project!

Currently, I am starting work on a game that looks and plays a bit like the Atari classic Battlezone.

It will be monochrome and composed of only wire frame shapes.

I don’t plan on making a port of the game but rather working on creating a unique game that looks as if it was from the same era of design. Being a proud Vectrex owner, I know what true vector lines look like. To create this effect the final product will need to be high enough resolution to blur our the chunky pixel lines then I’ll apply additive blending to complete the feel. Darn shame vector displays fell out of favor. Just a simple first screen of what I DO have for now. Let me also clear something up, yesterday I talked about blurring and such being bad in “retro” games. Vector games should be high resolution and blurry to achieve the effect of not being raster (as vector line display games are NOT).

EARLY shot. Yes I still need enemy tanks and an aiming reticle.









I’ll keep you posted…

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